Last October I committed to run a 10-mile event this coming October. My daughter had just run in a race leading up to the Twin Cities Marathon. I wished I was out there with her.


Back then it seemed like a safe thing to do. After all I figured there was a decent chance government officials would say running is bad for your health. Maybe jet-powered sneakers would have become standard by now. At the time there was also the chance that Cynthia would be living out of state and not be available for the 10-miler.

None of those things have happened yet. Thankfully I have been working out for this event. I recently covered nine miles in one shot. I didn't run the whole time by any means. There was a fair amount of walking during the nearly two hours it took to cover the distance. But I am happy to have survived it. I usually listen to music while I run on a treadmill. That time I actually was listening to the state girls basketball tournament on the free Radiopup app. That might have helped me think about something besides running.

During March I covered more than 63 miles running and walking combined, roughly half the days of the month. Cynthia, meanwhile, is running a half-marathon this spring. I know she will do well.

Part of my plan includes the Steele County Fair four-mile race in August. By then that October race will be looming large. I suppose there is still a chance I won't get my application in by the deadline.