He went to college and became friends with Garth Brooks and played guitar while on his tour: Ty England.

Ty England of Oklahoma met a good friend in college by the name of Garth Brooks. England played guitar on a history-making tour with Brooks as headliner, according to England's website.

England went on his own and made two albums, Ty England -- which produced the Top 5 hit "Should've Asked Her Faster" -- and Two Ways to Fall.

England changed labels and none other than Garth Brooks produced his next CD, Highways and Dancehalls. He is out on tour playing fairs, clubs, festivals and writing songs. His most recent album is Alive and Well and Livin' the Dream.

He said it helped to move out of the business side of music in Nashville and move home to Oklahoma.

On the personal side, England met Justina while on tour and signing autographs in Idaho. They talked, emailed, phoned and shared stories. A couple of years ago they became a happy married couple.