With a family that is mostly in the rodeo circuit, even in the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Tommy Shane Steiner from Austin, Texas, became a singer with a No. 2 hit.

At the steinersteakhouse.com website, there is a lot of history about T.C. "Buck" Steiner, who was a rancher, in the rodeo circuit and a businessman making boots and saddles. He was with the ranch and business end until his death at age 101. He is in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

The rodeo circuit tradition continued down the family. Bronco riding, barrel-racing and steer wrestling are all part of Tommy Shane Steiner's family. At 22 in the late 1990s, Tommy Shane decided he would be a singer. He followed that dream, especially after hearing about all the bones his father had broken while riding bulls.

Tommy Shane went on to play the Texas club circuit and was signed by a label. His No. 2 hit, "What If She's An Angel," was from the album Then Came The Night in 2002.

Tommy Shane went on tour with The Most Wanted that same year and was a nominee for the American Music Awards. In 2003, "What If She's An Angel," written by Bryan Wayne and T.S. Steiner, was a BMI Country Award Winner.