Two people are strangers, become close friends, write music together, record an album and so begins The Wreckers. Information from

Michelle Branch sang with Carlos Santana and won a Grammy for their duet "Game of Love." She started to think about a country-type record after her second pop hit. It was suggested to meet with Jessica Harper, who was told that she and Branch sounded similar.

When they did meet, Branch invited Harper on the road and they wrote songs and played music. Harper started singing back-up for Branch.

In 2004, Harper was going to move from her hometown Kansas City to Nashville only to  receive a call from Branch to come to Los Angeles and record an album. They worked with variety of producers along the way. According to, the label they were working with pushed back the country album release.

Harper moved to Nashville. Branch went to L.A. and would visit Harper. The duo went to a new label in Nashville and they liked it and added "Leave the Pieces." That was a No. 1 hit. They began touring with Rascal Flatts and made some TV appearances.

From, The Wreckers disband. There was enough material for a second album and Branch decided to record a country album. That label ended up having many setbacks and people were let go.

As Branch said in the interview, "Somehow it just halted the process entirely."