A Minnesota Rock and Roll Band from the '60s with one hit and are still on tour: The Castaways, according to their website.

The members of The Castaways include original member Jim Donna with vocals and playing the keyboards. Other members include Bob Donna on guitar and vocals, Rick Snider with vocals and drums along with Ralph Hintz with the bass and vocals.

The Castaways are a Minnesota-based rock and roll band with singer/songwriter Jim Donna's "Liar, Liar." Donna is a member of the  Minnesota Rock/Country Hall of Fame.

As they go on tour, they sing a little bit of Buddy Holly, Elvis and the Righteous Brothers, songs from the '50s and '60s. They also mix in standards and big band.

The Castaways will be in the Twin Cities at the Normandale Lake Park Amphitheather in Bloomington on Sunday, July 3. Then on Friday, July 8, they will be in Milford, Iowa, at the Boji Bay Event. Into September, on Saturday the 24th, The Castaways will be in Shorewood for a car show.