A California guy only wanted to be a singer, struck by cancer at a young age, survives to see his dream come true and helps others before he passes away. Kevin Sharp.

Kevin Sharp, from California, grew up in a large family that included foster brothers and sisters. He was an athlete in high school and participated in a light-opera company according to cnn.com.

Sharp was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that had spread to his lungs when he was a senior in high school. He met David Foster, producer and songwriter, through Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After years of chemotherapy, with the support of family and Foster, Sharp weaned himself off painkillers after his cancer went to remission.

Sharp landed a recording deal in the mid-90's and "Nobody Knows" went to No. 1. He followed that with "If You Love Somebody" and "She's Sure Taking It Well."

He continued to support Make-A-Wish Foundation by becoming a representative.

Years later, he was a motivational speaker and author. Sharp wrote "Tragedy's Gift."

Kevin Sharp was 43 when he passed away in April of 2014 from "complications due to cancer," his mother said.