After one hit and a break, Heartland has come together for more music, according to their website.

Heartland first hit was "I Loved Her First," a song about a father giving away his daughter as she gets married. That song topped the charts in 2006. Charles Crawford of Heartland explains that they were still playing at bars and working full-time and were unprepared for the success. They ended up just grabbing songs that they liked and the album was not put together very well. Some songs closer to heavy metal then to jazz. The group learned what not to do.

Now after a break and a few separate projects, Heartland has a new single, "The Sound A Dream Makes," which is about the father's perspective on the different moments in his daughter's life.

Members of Heartland, all from small towns and blue-collar families, are Jason Albert, Crawford and Chad Austin, who just joined. Austin did have local success in Texas.

This time around they have written and recorded more songs.