I was digging around in my playhouse and thought I'd post some old photos from Steele County. Nothing great but some familiar names.

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    1935 Classmates

    This is 1935. Kind of interesting to find high-ranking classmates with reverse names. Allen Judd and Judd Allen.

    High ranking classmates with reversed names.
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    Muckle Manufacturing

    Muckle Manufacturing ad from a dairy supply catalogue in 1943. I made a copy for the Muckle Museum a few years ago.

    Taken from a 1943 Dairy Supply Catalogue.
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    Muckle Manufacturing 2

    Here's another Muckle Manufacturing ad from 1943.

    Here's another ad from a Dairy Supply Catalogue.
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    Sharp Shooters

    Here's some hot shots from 1935. Some familiar names such as Lewison, Rishavy and Skalicky that you still hear around Steele County today. Anyone out there related to any of these guys?

    Some Steele County Sharpshooters from 1935.
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    Does anyone recognize this veteran? I can't be sure but I think I picked this up at an auction between Owatonna and Claremont.

    Anyone recognize this veteran?