The NRHEG third-graders in Ellendale were in the Christmas spirit with a giving gesture by donating to the Ellendale Food Shelf, located in the United Methodist Church on North Sixth Street, rather than a gift exchange with classmates. They brought their own money and shopped locally at Lerberg's Foods.

Monday, December 21, was day one, with a total of 193.2 pounds of items.

Tuesday, December 22, was day two with a total of 150.2 pounds.

That is a total of 343.4 pounds that they donated. The donations included:

  • canned and fresh vegetables
  • canned and fresh fruit
  • bread
  • skim milk
  • salad mixes
  • tuna
  • soup
  • paper towels, and so much more.

The students were also given the opportunity with some of the process of donating by helping with weighing the food and writing down the information.

The teachers are Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Stork, Mrs. Economy and Mrs. Wiemer.

The Ellendale Area Food Shelf sincerely sends out a big thank you to the students and teachers for their giving spirit.

The NRHEG third graders donated to the Ellendale Food Shelf. Submitted