Well, maybe a small part, like hopefully closer than last years and both teams show up. I heard someone refer to it as a one team game. Sorry Peyton.

It's a snow and wind day in Southern Minn. Earlier this morning I measured about four inches of snow and saw a couple cool drifts, which are posted below. One of the drifts was from the back window of my vehicle.

Just remember it doesn't have to be all work-shoveling and/or snow throwing... could make a snow angel, which is fun for me particularly since that is the only angel I can be.

It seems people I know and hardly know call me "trouble maker" and I don't know why (as I bat my eyes innocently).

Today also makes me wish I had paid closer attention to my one lesson on how to run that machine or maybe get another lesson. Some of that snow was heeaavvyy. I might be sore the next couple of days.

When I was shoveling my thoughts did wonder more but maybe a little too much... I did chuckle to myself a couple of times if that counts for anything. But they're gone like the wind, maybe they will show up in the next round, whenever that may be.

Enjoy the game.

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.