Bugs and creepy crawling things can be bothersome. Some people are not fond of spiders or maybe those millepedes or centipedes. Do you have the crawlies yet? It seems when one wood tick is found, it feels like more.

My neighbor is not fond of spiders. She found a big one on her car door once, took a picture and sent it to her husband. His reply, "Go to Culver's, get a malt. When finished, go back to the car and if the spider is still there, repeat." Such support in so many ways, right.

Spiders don't bother me. It's the earwigs. Even just typing it I shudder. When I was talking to our digital manager, I made a face. Then I go and take a picture of one. What was I thinking? I don't know. The first time we noticed them, we were taking down the fence. It was just an icky, weird bug.

Our other neighbor is thinking about buying the house they are renting, but her daughter said, "No. Earwigs." They are icky.

The kitties are not all that helpful. George will just walk right past the earwigs. Zeke creep up to the ear wigs and give them a suspicious look.

Now when it gets dry outside, they come in looking for water. Well, my husband has found a couple of solutions for them.

First around May or June with a couple of dry days, he sprays Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer around the foundation, a little above that and the doors. The first couple of years we had them bad in the house, he found a pet- and child-friendly brand at Lowe's called Hot Shot Natural Home Insect Control. He sprayed along the baseboards and seams of the carpeting and other flooring.

One good thing about that is it smells good. The bad thing it discolors the carpeting.

Sorry I have to do this, more than you know. Here is an earwig.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media