A North Dakota couple thinking about a destination wedding chose a rather unconventional spot for their nuptials: the campgrounds at WE Fest 2017. Lisa and Sean of Cavalier, N.D., tied the knot on Friday (Aug. 4) at their campsite in the festival's Lake Sallie Campground area.

Surrounded by loved ones -- including Lisa's children and friends made throughout the years at WE Fests past -- Lisa and Sean were married around noon on Friday; one friend performed the ceremony while others helped out with decor and desserts. Friday was the day to do it because on Saturday (Aug. 5), their group plans to wear Oktoberfest-inspired outfits, and noon was the time because their camping group hosts a 2PM "power hour" each day of the festival.

Lisa and Sean walked down the aisle to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" and shared their first dance to Tracy Byrd's "The Keeper of the Stars;" later on in the day, they could be spotted around the WE Fest grounds still in their wedding outfits, earning cheers and congratulatory greetings from other festivalgoers.

The couple tells Taste of Country that they met online in November, were engaged in January and decided "two months ago, max," to hold their wedding during WE Fest. They'd been looking into a Florida wedding, but cost and other factors made the festival the perfect place, even if Lisa had originally suggested it mostly as a joke.

Lisa has been coming to WE Fest for half a dozen years or so now, but WE Fest 2017 was Sean's first WE Fest. They're planning to take a honeymoon in the winter.

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