Police were out in force around Owatonna Tuesday night, paying visits to the 40+ registered block parties on the annual "Night to Unite."

KRFO Radio buzzed around town, stopping at six block parties for remote broadcasts.

Our first location was hosted by Keven & Bill:

Next was a visit with Tom Sager, plus Evan, Connor, Caedon & Annie:

Sixth grader Jacob & Emma joined KRFO's Roy Koenig at Dave & Sue and Brian & Katie's party:

Kids were getting ready for the bike obstacle course & root beer floats at Matt & Annie Jessop's:

Brad Olson and his wife Sandy resumed the Night to Unite participation in their neighborhood after a couple of years off.

Our tour around Owatonna ended at the Seykora's, who have hosted a party for many years, and have had the "Neighborhood Watch" concept in action for nearly twenty years.