One of the new vendors at this year's Steele County Free Fair features cast aluminum figures, which are then painted and or bronzed. Curt, the vendor, hales from Windom and has been doing this for a number of years. A friend of his casts the creations and Curt does the painting and bronzing.

The display is right next to the Culinary Arts section of the Grandstand. He brought about 75 samples. Back home, Curt has literally hundreds of these creations.

Items on display include a large bear, which stands maybe 8 feet tall, lions, skulls, deer and other creatures.

There are also several unique creations that will catch your eye. They include a Shell gasoline sign mounted on a pole. Also, a red fire hydrant and perhaps the most unique is the rear of a gal which can be used as a bar stool.

As far as the big items, Curt says they do deliver.

Check them out and welcome them to the Steele County Free Fair.