In this age of texting, spelling is a skill that is fast fading away. But for some Steele County sixth-graders, spelling skills are no joke.

On Thursday at the Steele County Free Fair, 16 students from Steele County schools bravely put their word knowledge to the test on the KRFO stage.

It took four or five rounds to narrow the field to four, then one more round to get the final two. But those two kids battled it out, neither willing to give an inch, for a few rounds.

Finally, on the word "cylindrical," Cade Strawmatt, who goes to Willow Creek, faltered. Hanna Lantsberger, who also attends Willow Creek, successfully spelled "cylindrical," then also correctly spelled "latency" for the win.

The spelling bee is a Steele County Free Fair staple on the KRFO stage, featuring sixth-graders from area schools. Educators compile the word lists and serve as judges and event facilitators.