So you decide you want to go to the Vikings game on Sunday and you purchase tickets from not the Vikings ticket office or Ticketmaster, or NFL Ticket exchange, which are the safe ways to buy tickets. You get them from the guy outside. You think though the tickets you have bought are good because they are PDF printed tickets, they have the barcode, so they should be good right?  During the Giants game last Monday night 20-30 people found out they were out seats and money.

The new scam is that the people selling the tickets use a legit PDF ticket so the bar code gets you through security. But then they before they print the tickets they give you, change the seat assignment. Usually changing an upper deck ticket into a closer to the field ticket so it looks more attractive to you and you will easily hand over the cash. So now you get through security on your way to your supposedly really good seats and when you get there, other people are sitting there. Then it takes time away from the game from everyone involved to sort out who has the bad tickets or see if someone is in the wrong place.

Police recommend only buying tickets from the afore mentioned legitimate sources. If you purchase tickets on the street, get their picture. if they won't let you do that, walk away. Police think one of the suspects in this case was tall, had a shaved head, and a bike with Christmas tree lights on it.

Mike Eiler/Townsquare Media