Steele County Treasurer Cathy Piepho released a press release that announces Steele County launches an OpenGov-powered platform, providing access to the county's finances. Complex financial data will be transformed by OpenGov to an interactive, digital format for better analysis of the county's finances. The platform, accessed at transparency, makes exploration of how collected taxpayer money is distributed simpler.

Government spending and revenue from 2011 will be on display in detail on the OpenGov platform. Financial data may be examined and that includes the historical revenue and expenditure trends. A current year report will provide a month-by-month comparison to the information on the final budget. The cash balances from 2014-15 may be viewed in the Treasurer's Report.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are also on the platform.

It was the initiative of The Board of Commissioners 2013-18 Strategic Plan to make the county's finances available. Steele County Board of Commissioners Chairman James "Corky" Ebeling stated, "The ability to have information in a variety of formats helps the Board and staff provide services efficiently while being accountable with the taxpayer dollar."

Steele County could also use OpenGov to create custom reports, manage the budget and keep management informed. Steele County now joins more than 700 cities, counties, state agencies and school systems that leverage OpenGov technology.