Have you ever been traveling across the United States and passed through a town that made you snicker a little because of its name? My favorite was Kickapoo, Illinois, but I'm sure there have been others. Our country is filled with names that will surely bring a smile to your face or even a stifled laugh as you pass through them.

Towns like Intercourse or Blue Ball, Pennsylvania; or how about Spread Eagle, Wisconsin; Three Way, Arizona; Wankers Corner, Oregon; or Pee Pee Township, Ohio. You can find a whole list of strange and naughty town names at the real estate website Estately. Reading through whole list of names makes for a humorous read that will take you back to those junior high years of what you thought passed for comedy.

I'm not sure how the names of these towns came to be, but some of them are self-explanatory like Beaver City, Nebraska; Dry Wood, Kansas; or Swallow Hill, Delaware; which makes me want to stay far away from Dickshooter, Idaho.

Minnesota definitely has a share of its own naughtily named cities.

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    Ball Bluff and Ball Club

    Look's like the balls have it in these towns. I'm hoping they were named because of their enthusiasm for baseball.

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    Come on, I enjoy beaver just as much as the next guy but do you name a whole town after these pesky animals?

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    Cumming and Climax

    I find it amazing that these two towns are both in Minnesota at the same time.

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    I tried to think of a smartass comment to make butt...

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    Who doesn't enjoy Moorhead? It's a nice little town and Fargo, North Dakota, is just on the other side of the river. Moorhead was the first place that Dilly Bars were served at a Dairy Queen and Garrison Keillor took the name for his show A Prairie Home Companion from the local graveyard, Prairie Home Cemetery. I know that's a lot to swallow but Moorhead's full of surprises I'm sure you'll enjoy.