Unlike Macaulay Culkin's character, I was left behind on purpose. My family has gone to California to visit some longtime friends. My schedule didn't allow for the trip.

Thus I am left home alone with the dog, pizza and a full week of basketball in front of me. I feel honored to assist with coverage of the state boys basketball tournament on KDHL radio, and this is tournament week.

I nearly dropped off the family at the wrong terminal of the Minneapolis airport Sunday. We assumed Terminal 2 due to a previous trip with Spirit Airlines. Apparently they have moved to the main terminal since then. Thankfully a check of email on the way there saved us. The included picture in this story makes me wonder whether the airplane missed LAX.

With plenty of daylight remaining and a beautiful day to enjoy, I took the dog for a sniff around the neighborhood. That's some good exercise for both of us. Returning to an empty house, I gave Netflix a try and found Better Call Saul under the new releases category. This is the prequel to Breaking Bad and comes from the same minds. I must say it's very good so far.

Not sure if it was on purpose, but my wife left behind a fridge full of broccoli and cauliflower. I guess I will use that to balance with my pizza and Girl Scout cookie diet.

Now it's back to prep work for the state boys basketball tournament. Catch the action on KDHL AM 920.

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