I don't claim to be a photographer, but in our ever expanding media universe I was called upon to take pictures for this website. So these are my personal favorites (and why).........

#12 The Llama look. I feel I'm making a connection with this guy.

#11 Ladies Nail Driving. That's me with the Rohrigs. This year mom (Julie) beat daughter (Kelsey).

#10 Battle of the Bands. I was able to stop by the grandstand for a short time. I took a picture of ONE band. Then they won the Battle!! (I'd rather be lucky than good.)

#9 Steely and Stella put smiles on a lot of faces during the fair.

#8 & #7 A couple of my favorite photos are kind of self serving for the radio station. These two performances were great! American Pie always delivers a solid selection of the classics from the 50's and 60's. Funktion Junction was something new. And they just about brought the tent down with their energy and stage presence while playing Motown of the 60's and 70's. (Hopefully they are back next year!)

#6 The Watermelon Seed Spitting contest is a fun way to open up the afternoon. Here former Indians hockey coach Dudley Otto, representing the Owatonna Elks, sends a seed on its way. (Dave Lax of the Knights of Columbus won the contest for the week.)

#5 A guy being launched out of a cannon has got to be TOP FIVE. I never get tired of seeing David Smith (Sr or Jr) fly through the air!

#4 The top four all involve kids. That's what the fair is all about. 4H & FFA. Carnival rides. Cotton Candy. Strollers. Crying (sometimes the kids, sometimes Mom & Dad). This first one is from the kids run during the STRIVE Wellness event. Just the fact that I occasionally get a good 'motion' picture puts this at #4.

#3 Sierra did a great job of an on-air interview about her horse Chloe. Plus her mom (Tammy) did well in the Ladies Nail Driving contest.

#2 We have all heard on a 'pigs in a blanket.' Not sure if I'm familiar with 'pig as a bed.'

#1 And for my favorite photo of the Steele County Free Fair, YABBA DABB DOO. These kids won the costume contest and did a nice job in a radio interview. Cute kids, a dressed up horse, how can I go wrong?