Last night there was a tribute to David Letterman as he gets ready to retire from late night TV on May 20.

For most of the time that he has been on TV, I have not been able to watch his entire show because of the hours I work. When I was living up north, many times when I did not have cable, I was not able to pull in the channel from Duluth that he was on. In these later years while he has been on CBS, many times I just tuned in to see the monologue and then the Top Ten List of the night. Those were my favorite parts of the shows. Sometimes I found the interviews a little boring.

But he is a legend, just as Johnny Carson was when he retired. I don't think some of the new late night hosts can even come close in quality. Dave and Johnny and Jay Leno set the bar. I don't think we will see that kind of longevity in late night again.

Thanks for the laughs, Dave, and good luck.