In my almost nine years working in Faribault, I have built some working relationships with many of the area schools. My first years here, Faribault High School was Mike Morrissey's "beat." I have seen a number of dance lines over the years and Faribault has especially of late stood out to me as a quality group.

Now, I am not at the school every day. I don't know what goes on inside. People see someone from a radio station and tend not to divulge too much.

I was upset over what the other high school teams did to themselves and to the Faribault group at the state competition. I could not believe in this day in age that adults who are supposed to set examples for their students would act like this. Today, with the Minnesota State High School league's ruling, I think justice has been served.

Today the league suspended the coaches at Chaska, Lakeville South, Eastview and Wayzata for one year. Eden Prairie coaches have left their program, so they were not disciplined. I agree with the students at Eastview and Wayzata getting their medals. The students were acting under the direction of their coaches and maybe some peer pressure and I think they should still be awarded for their performance. I do agree with, however Ken Hubert, activities director at Faribault High School, who stated today that the teams should not get trophies. That's up to the league to decide.

But I hope this means that the Faribault team can now enjoy their victory and that some new rules will soon be put in place to avoid all of this in the future.