Emergency OwatonnaCity Council meeting scheduled for Monday night is CANCELLED! Plus an update on Owatonna parks. 


The Emergency Owatonna City Council Meeting called for Monday June 23 at 5:30pm has been cancelled. The weather forecast is predicting heavy rains for this area Tuesday and possibly later in the week. The State of Emergency due to weather will not be terminated at this time. The original declaration began on June 16.


Owatonna parks now open: Mineral Springs, Morehouse Park, Kaplan's Woods & Kaplan's Woods Parkway, with the exception of the interpretive loops off the Parkway and the lower loop at Lake Kohlmier. Still closed: Muckle Trail(Bridge Street to North Street) and Lake Kohlmier, including the Boat Landing and the Island).

Stay away from fast moving water!!

The upper 9 at Brooktree is open while the lower 9 remains closed.