Krusteaz Blueberry Pancake mix and dozens of premade appetizers from Kabob Acquisitions have been pulled from shelves because the products were made with flour that could be contaminated with the life-threatening bacteria and has been recalled by General Mills.

Also recalled are two flavors of Betty Crocker Cake mixes. The flavor chips, or bits, in several lots of Betty Crocker Delights Super Moist Party Rainbow Chip and Carrot Cake Mix were made with flour subject to the recall. The affected flour was processed at a Kansas City facility around Nov. 4. General Mills voluntarily recalled 10 million pounds of Gold Medal flour, Wondra flour and Signature Kitchens flour on May 31 after receiving indication of a potential E. coli outbreak originating in its products. Two weeks ago, the food company expanded the recall dates, which added another 20 million pounds to the recall list.

Continental Mills owns the Krusteaz brand. They have not received any reports of illnesses, but are issuing the recall out of caution. Georgia-based Kabob’s, which largely sells to hotels, institutions and restaurants, is recalling nearly 45,000 pounds of frozen meat and poultry hors d’oeuvres, including chicken wontons, spring rolls, meat-filled puff pastries, quesadillas and many more items after a supplier told the appetizer maker that it had used the General Mills flour in some of its products.

The Centers for Disease Control says the number of reported illnesses linked to the flour bacteria has risen from 38 to 42 across 21 states. Three cases have been reported in Minnesota and 11 people have been hospitalized in the U.S. No deaths have been reported.

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