Monday, July 11 was a warm day, and a humid one as well. The strong south breeze helped though. As you can see in the picture, one of our dogs, Marley, has her own way of cooling off. The little pool is for our great-nephews and great-niece, our "practice grandchildren" as we call them. Marley apparently has other ideas. She used to go down the road and wade in the creek but not any more with her own pool.


I had 84 or 85 degrees yesterday, but it was warm enough to get me thinking about record heat in Minnesota. When I think high temperatures in Minnesota, I automatically look to the southern part of the state. Wrong. The highest temperature recorded in Minnesota is 114 degrees, which occurred on July 29, 1917, in Beardsley and also on June 6, 1936, in Moorhead.

The record high temperature for Minnesota in August occurred on the 10th in 1947, also Beardsley. In fact, Beardsley can claim the highest temperature for September as well, with 111 degrees, and for October with a reading of 98 degrees. Seems like little Beardsley is the hot spot of Minnesota. It's a small town of 230 people about 170 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It's a part of the Gracevile-Clinton-Beardsley school district. As far as famous people, the closest is Graceville which was the birthplace of former Twins manager Tom Kelly.

Maybe they should put some signs up touting themselves as the Hot Spot of Minnesota. Stay cool.