Some food combinations you may not have dreamed of will be available at the state fair. New offerings include mac and cheese cupcakes and BBQ-dill flavored ice cream.

The state fair announced a list of 40 new foods for the 2015 fair. Only a couple of the new foods will be available on a stick. Some are slightly more healthful than typical fair food, but many are deep fried. Some are vegan.

Mac & Cheese Cupcake is macaroni and cheese on top of a bread crumb crust. A combination of smashed potatoes and grilled chicken smothered in gravy, onions and BBQ sauce is called Cluck & Moo. Other new foods include the Minnesota wild rice Benedict muffin, meatloaf hash and meatloaf on a stick.

Kale is a part of a new health food kick for some people, but probably not the way it will be treated at the fair. A vendor will take kale, batter it and deep fry it. It's called Wine Fried Kalettes. The Burger Dog is a blend of hamburger, hot dog, bacon and cheese, served on a hot dog bun.

For dessert try a Maple Bacon Funnel Cake or BBQ Pickle Ice Cream.

The Minnesota State Fair runs Aug. 27 through Labor Day.