Looks like the million dollars will remain safely in a vault for the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge with Townsquare Media. Some great prizes from Owatonna Motor Co.are still on the line.

I am tied for 18th place out of about 30 contestants participating in the contest. I still have three of my Final Four picks alive, but one of my finalists (Virginia) is out of it. Kentucky is the popular pick to win it. They are my selection as well. I couldn't find a coin when I picked my teams. So I rolled a dice to pick odd or even teams. Next year I may go with mascot names. Though I don't know if I would have picked a Panther (Georgia State) to beat a bear (Baylor) or a Blazer (UAB) over a Cyclone (Iowa State).

The overall standings are quite close, with four tied for first place and four more tied for second just one point back. The top three finishers win prizes from Owatonna Motor Co. First place is a $500 certificate good toward the purchase of a vehicle at Owatonna Motor Co. Second place is a car detailing. Third place is good for three free oil changes.

bdwins1 is one of the co-leaders, with three of their four picks for the Final Four intact. Kentucky is their pick for the championship. krislake has all his Final Four picks alive and also has Kentucky winning the title. MARKD has Oklahoma winning the title, but has lost Kansas, who is picked as a finals foe for the Sooners. And Perry Christiansen is the final player tied for first, but lost his pick for the national title, Villanova, over the opening weekend.

It was a fun opening weekend. Sweet Sixteen weekend also will deliver some memorable moments, I imagine.