My family gave me a custom-made peanut butter cup Christmas morning. It might be enough to last me a lifetime!

This MONSTER peanut butter cup tips the scales at 6 pounds! Best we can figure it contains 15,000 calories! We cut off a sliver on Christmas Day and split it five ways. And we each felt like we had a chocolate & peanut butter overload. Maybe I can pass it on to someone else next holiday season, like the proverbial fruit cake.

Our family enjoys playing games on the holidays. I ALMOST beat my daughter at Scrabble. She had a 12 point move with one letter late in the game to clinch it. (Looks like our college investment in her is paying off.) My son won multiple games of Blokus. (He is the engineering guy in the family.)

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you well in the New Year!