My daughter's favorite horse Oreo was recently put down. Before the last shovel of dirt was tossed on his final resting spot, Hannah was out looking for another horse. I hope she doesn't carry this habit over to husbands. It was her way of dealing with grief I suspect.  Though she's of legal age, a daughter is probably never too old to have a father/daughter talk. I should have seized the opportunity and explained the joy and bliss one can derive from raising a pet chicken or gerbil or any creature that eats less than a horse. I procrastinated and so we now have Roy. The previous owners thought he looked like Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, and I guess I have to agree.

Her pets from time to time come up in conversation at work. I'm now going to have to be very careful when talking about Roy lest someone think I'm talking about Sports Director Roy Koenig.

Hannah brushed Roy off and gave him a good hosing to wash him off and five minutes later Roy rolled on his back in the mud kicking his legs up in the air and making those low-pitched sounds of contentment. Roy's no different than the others, he spends most of his time eating and pooping. If you want to get on Roy's good side, give him an apple and scratch his ears, he may even try to lick you.

Yes, I'll have to be careful when talking about Roy the horse at work.

I have a similar situation with my cat. I talk to him just like the rest of you. Here kitty. Oh where or where is my kitty? I can't find my kitty. Daddy sure would like to hold his kitty. It sounds harmless but the cat's name is Willy. If I lived in town, people would probably steer clear of me. If you're younger than middle age or not British, you perhaps don't get what I'm saying. Fine, let's leave it at that.

I'll have to remember to think first and then speak when discussing pets.

By the way, Roy seems like a pretty nice horse.