On November 8, Medford voters will be asked to make a decision on a municipal building that would serve as City Hall and Fire Hall. In 1975, a local contractor put up a building that was later acquired by the city of Medford to store their fire trucks in. Over the years, additions and changes have been made to the building. In 2008, the council started discussing space needs for Medford. In 2009, a group of fire department members and council members were appointed to look into what would be needed to address this issue for Medford. In 2009-10, a study was commissioned and the study came back indicating the most efficient way to address public works, the fire department and city needs was to build a co-located fire hall and city hall. A parcel of land was acquired where the current ice skating rinks are and it was put aside for future building needs.

In 2015 a work group was put together consisting of Medford residents, some council members and members of the fire department. They came back with the same results as the 2009-10 study group.

An architectural firm was brought in to put together some suggestions. The end result was a building of about 2,700 square feet for a city hall portion and 16,000 square feet for a fire hall. This building should be built to withstand high winds and serve as a command post should a natural disaster arise.

The referendum will ask Medford voters to decide whether the city should be authorized to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed $3,950,000 for the purpose of a municipal building to serve as city hall and fire hall.

Medford residents can find out more by going to the City of Medford website.