The Little Theatre of Owatonna puts on its first show in its 50th anniversary season: The Foreigner.

Tickets go on sale at the LTO box office Monday, October 12, at 4PM. Performance dates are October 16-17 and October 22-24 at 7:30PM with a 2PM matinee this Sunday.

Larry Pierce plays the Foreigner, just as he did 27 years ago for LTO.

The Foreigner is set in a fishing lodge in rural Georgia. "Froggy," who is a British demolition expert, brings along a shy friend named Charlie who has trouble talking to strangers. To hopefully alleviate this problem, Froggy tells the guests that Charlie is from a foreign country and speaks no English. The fun begins when the guests begin unknowingly to tell Charlie more than they should.

Kathy Rush is the director of the cast of seven.