Wow, it's hard to imagine there are people that just might cough up the $45K for this Thanksgiving dinner. Check it out.

Back in my dating days, if I took a gal to an eating establishment and they had more than one fork and cloth napkins I thought I was coming across as a big shot who knew his way around classy restaurants. Perhaps I wasn't, or at least that's what I think after checking out the above link.

I'd be tempted to call this restaurant up and ask them some questions before I would make a reservation. Like, does that dinner include the whole turkey? And if so, how much does it weigh? Can I take leftovers back to the Waldorf for a late-night snack if I want to? If I substituted beer for champagne, would there be an extra charge? By the way, how much beer could I get instead of that champagne? What's this turkey trimming lesson you're offering? I mean, I surely don't have to cut the turkey for my own dinner, do I? After all you're charging $45,000 for this meal. How many tables do we get? If this is supposed to be an engagement dinner, I don't want six other people sitting at my table when I pop the question. What if she says no? I'll be embarrassed and maybe angry after spending all kinds of money for that fancy dinner you're offering. I don't have a credit card, if I bring a check from an Ellendale, Minnesota, bank, would that work?

Oh well, enough of the foolish talk. Happy Thanksgiving.

Can you believe a restaurant is offering a Thanksgiving dinner for $45,000?