There are many who live with chronic health conditions and that includes diabetes, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, depression, multiple sclerosis and others, according to a press release from Allina Health.

Good medical care is one portion of living well. Allina Health has set up Living Well Workshops for residents in Steele County to help them "empower to improve their quality of life," according to Linda Hoffman of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of Owatonna Hospital.

The Living Well Workshops take place for six weeks, meeting on Mondays beginning on April 18 at Koda Living Community, 2255 N.W. 30th St., Owatonna. Each session will be two and a half hours.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls chronic health conditions the most common, costly and preventable.

Each workshop is taught by trained leaders covering different topics while providing interaction and problem solving. The workshops will help individuals to:

  • improve nutrition
  • exercise to improve/maintain strength/energy
  • talk with family/friends/health professionals
  • learn about appropriate medications and new treatment choices
  • feel better about life

Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshop will be taking place at Koda Living Community. Call Linda Hoffman at (507) 977-2171 to register.

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