I grew up a Missouri Synod Lutheran and attend an Evangelical Lutheran church. But on Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed the Polka Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church during the 45th annual Litomysl Festival.

The rural church nestled among corn and soybean fields is majestic yet strong, beautiful yet practical. It seems to me polka music is perfect for praising God.

I arrived at church early enough to hear a number of songs performed by the Owatonna Knights of Columbus Choir. They did an excellent job with a number of patriotic tunes.

The Klecker Band have performed at every festival in Litomysl.

The church was totally packed. There were people standing in the balcony because of the crowd and it made me think if some church were to specialize in only having polka music at every service they might have to struggle as much paying their bills.

It was awesome to see little ones and the elderly attending the service.

I couldn't help myself, I had to tap my feet and move a little during the music and when I left I told a few people how, "we should leave church dancing."

Ironically, Litomysl is Czech for "wistful thoughts." When one is having wistful thoughts, they are feelings of melancholy or sadness about something, hardly associated with polka music.

After dancing out of the church, I headed for the basement and enjoyed a delicious ham sandwich with potato salad and a buchte (fruit-filled bun) and ice cream. Then back outside to enjoy some more Country Old Tyme with The Dan Stursa Band and The Czech Lites.

I stood and watched generations of people enjoying each other while engaging in various games or simply sitting and conversing.

I couldn't help but think that outside of the clothes worn, the Litomysl Festival hasn't changed much in its nearly half-century of existence. Nor would most of us want it to.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church Litomysl