After a couple of days to let the feelings sink in, state champions Peyton Robb and Brandon Moen, along with third-place finisher Tanner Cole, chatted with KRFO radio.

News of the coaching change at Owatonna High School was not publicly released when KRFO's Roy Koenig spoke with the Huskies' state place-winning wrestlers. Cliff Casteel is stepping down after five years as OHS coach.

Peyton Robb captured his second straight state wrestling title, becoming just the third person to do so in Owatonna High School history. Bob Henry won back-to-back titles in 1961-62 and Derek Johnson repeated in 1999-2000. Robb is just a sophomore and talks about winning another title in his interview with KRFO.

Brandon Moen won a state title in his fifth trip to state. It was his fourth medal after taking third and fourth place in previous years. The junior is happy with a title but has strong goals remaining for his prep, and hopefully, college career.

Junior Tanner Cole was back in an Xcel Energy Center medical room when he remembers he was told he won the third-place match. His opponent was disqualified for an illegal slam of Cole during the bout that left him woozy on his feet. Cole remembers much better his last-second take down that clinched a victory in the consolation semifinals. Cole can set a school record for section titles if he captures another in his senior season.

All three wrestlers spoke optimistically about the team prospects for next season. The Huskies had seven wrestlers qualify for state individually and none was a senior. OHS graduates just a few seniors from their roster.

Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media