Sometimes you remember dreams. Other times, there was a dream but what it was about is a mystery. Maybe a few bits and pieces are remembered, good or bad. Then the dream that won't stop and you remember it.

Now I was OK in school and it was a very happy graduation day on June 8. My husband thinks it's a little odd I know the exact day of graduation. Why do I bring that up? Well, it has to do with my dream.

Okay first thing I remember is walking down the hallway and lockers are on one side. It wasn't that crowded like my high school with 363 in my class alone.

So, I'm looking for, well, my locker and I don't even know which one except 17 pops in my head. Then I notice letters with the numbers.

Another weird thing, the classmate that had his locker next to mine throughout school shows up and opens his locker. So I opened my locker with S17 or U17. When I opened the locker, it was decorated with lots of kitty cat stuff. I didn't even decorate my locker in high school.

Then I scan down and notice yogurt containers with popped lids making a mess of things. Maybe I'm eating too much yogurt.

Well, I begin to throw out the yogurt and the messy poster collage of kitty cats. Then this girl says something and I start to feel a little guilty. I cannot think of what she said so maybe it was the look.

So as I walk down the hall to go to class, a teacher stops and talks to me and he's pulling a wagon with a little boy in it, which makes me late for class.

I walk into a dark classroom and the teacher says find your seat. The lights come on and discussion time. As I turn over the paper and it shows two topics that will be on the quiz.  What quiz?

When I look up, the desks are in a half circle and we are discussing something. OK, please don't call on me; I have no idea what is going on. I think I even remember thinking wake up now. I remember my stomach even feeling a little nervous for two reasons.

One, I didn't know what was going on or what to discuss. Two, standing in front of a class and speaking. Icky.

Then I thankfully woke up. When I tell my husband I had a dream, he just shakes his head. But this one sort of made sense and had a plan. That's weird.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts. Have happy dreams.