Husband Appreciation Day was last week, so I gave my husband a few days of peace and went to visit my mom.

I do appreciate him. For one thing, he likes cats.

When we first moved in together, I told him shortly that I needed a cat. So our deal, after the okay from our landlord, he would pay the cable bill and I will pay for the cat. Cool by me.

We brought home Mick. I picked the name by listening to the Monkees. He liked it because of Mick Jagger. He was going through what I lovingly call his "Rolling Stones Phase," after seeing them in concert. Either way, Mick was musical and the two would mimic meows. It was cool. Now we have George and Zeke.

My husband is a talker. I smile in a GOOD way when I hear "You Talk Too Much" by Joe Jones.

Another thing about my husband ... he likes the weather. When we had satellite, the channel flipping would generally stop on the weather channel and stick. I remember he once told me the remote didn't work and yep, we were watching the weather channel. He especially liked the hurricane reports at 10 to the hour.

Maybe because we lived in apartments for so long but we only recently bought a simple little rain gauge. We buy "fabulous prizes" for a dollar at Christmas, so he bought two. One for himself.

I also tease my husband that he is a bad influence. But that's okay he also has made paper snowflakes hang from the ceiling for my birthday and made a small snowman for me.

So really, he is a good guy.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.