I see that Tempations, a company that is known to make treats for cats, has maybe made a collar with an app to let us know what our cats are thinking. Did they get the idea from the movie Up with the collars talking for the dogs?

Well, really, not likely. I would say it would be more for fun. Besides the issue would be to get a kitty to wear a clunky collar like that. And then to hear a voice under its chin or maybe it would be only be heard on your phone. Either way, it would probably not make your cat too happy, or in the very least confuse it.

Really a kitty is easy to read and it is more fun to make up your own conversation with him or her. We do. Some just talk, meow, to let us know they are in the room or they are talking about the birds and squirrels that are outside. George and Zeke are not big meowers. They don't meow much and they both have kind of little meows.

My husband and our late cat Mick would just mimic each other, who knows what was going on. It is said that cats think of us as really big cats anyway.

I think it is cool when George will just all of a sudden start meowing either in the bathroom or kitchen apparently for no reason. Maybe it is to hear the echo. Maybe it just a reminder that he is around. It is probably normal, Mick would do the same thing.

A collar that talks for cats, nah. Hug your cat. Talk nice to each other.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media