Last year, my husband and I went bowling for Valentine's Day and it was a blast. Every year "they" come up with gift ideas. Some work and some are "What?" My husband and I keep it fun when it comes to gift giving.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Cards, flowers, candy are the safe bet. You could make them fun by buying a child-like card and a bouquet of lollipops. Flowers always work.
  2. Coffee Mugs and, since it is Valentine's Day, make sure it has hearts or kisses. To add a little more, put cappuccino, hot chocolate and/or coffee mixes with it. They will drink it up.
  3. Jewelry works too. Just mix it up a little. I bought my husband leather-like and beaded bracelets and I've received red beaded necklaces. One has a heart pendent on it.
  4. Origami is fun, and with a few folds here and there, it could be a heart or a favorite animal.
  5. Write happy messages on a Deck of Cards. Not an Uno deck, just a deck of 52. Here's a few suggestions. Start easy and then build on a few specific days that brought a good feeling. I cheated a little and used a whole sentence to spread over a few cards. But there are no rules to this, so have fun.
  6. Wineries might be fun if you drink wine. This idea is from my neighbors, who have said they go to different ones on the weekends. I could not believe how many were in the area. Falconers in Red Wing does have entertainment next weekend.
  7. Plays or movies would be fun and a little different, too. Paradise Center for the Arts has "Two On Tap" Saturday the 13th.