At the end of the year, there's review after review. Mostly news stories or famous people that have passed. This one is about what I've done. Nothing too serious.

The first thing I did when it was mentioned, I thought of the posts that popped up without looking back the full year, and then I looked back and thought of a couple more.


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    The very first blog I ever did

    The very first blog I did stands out. It was a challenge that took a little research. I think it turned out okay, my husband chuckled.

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    Blooming Prairie Vintage Fashion Show

    This stands out because the event was pretty cool. Also because I tried something new, which happened a lot this year. I took a bunch of pictures and made them into a video. Technology is pretty cool.

    The Blooming Prairie After Prom Vintage Fashion Show was the first of its kind. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media
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    Anything about my cats

    George playing, getting Boo to meow, sadly a tribute to Boo and then bringing in Zeke and watching that friendship with George grow.

    George and Zeke okay with each other. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media
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    Last at Worst

    Our editor sent a suggestion and I went with it. Boy was it easy to write. The story was done in no time. Maybe it is just taking me this long to get use to all this writing.

    Tomwang112. ThinkStock
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    Baseball and Movies

    I am a sports and movie fan. In May it was all about "listicles" for our state or city. We listed people, facts, memorials and more from Minnesota.

    Jamie Carroll. ThinkStock
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    Anything about animals

    Animals -- whether it is cats, dogs, horses or geese -- can do some crazy things, and really I guess it is part of nature. I just group them all in one even though there were more than one.

    johnsfon. ThinkStock