First I tried a strawberry steamer from one of those gas station machines near the coffee. Boy, was that good. It was a true treat because it was hard to find. Then, of course, having to wait a half-hour for it to cool down made the taste that much sweeter. I guess I would compare it to a strawberry hot chocolate.

Then I graduated to cappuccino, which I had to look up to spell. I usually just abbreviate it. Once again, from the gas station machines. Now we've found powdered mixes, very cool.

My husband mentioned that somebody he worked with would mix flavors. Well, I tried that. Some mix better than others, and Vanilla Bean mixes well with any flavor.

A few years ago when visiting my dad-in-law, he made us hot chocolate and put a candy cane in it. I tried it, and that was tasty. I didn't think about it until I noticed it in the gas station machines a couple of years ago. It is very tasty and I look forward to it. Now around Christmas I'm able to stock up on candy canes when they go on sale so I can make my own. Yummy, yummy.

My husband is a Pumpkin Spice guy, which is very popular. He doesn't have any trouble finding that.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.