Unexpectedly, we have brought home another kitty. We saw the flyer at Leberg's and for some reason we called the number. The fact that she was spayed and front declawed may have something to do with it. Of course, she is cute, too.

My husband and I took two, maybe three days to pick a name. We wanted a name when she came home. She is an orange cat. It seems popular to think that orange cats are male but nope, this one is female. We were told she had a litter. So we looked at the names for the color orange and names for orange cats. There are all sorts of websites out there. Even character names from movies. It seems silly I know.

Rey from Star Wars was in the running, also Lucy, obvious I think. Meg, Willow and Jules were also in the running. Finally we settled on Roz from the TV show Frasier.

My husband picked up Roz on Tuesday and took her to the vet. She is healthy; however, she could lose some weight. We will work on that.

Zeke is not too thrilled with the idea. George is okay with it, he has been through it a couple of times.

Roz's original owner moved where she could not have a pet so this other lady was looking to find Roz a home because Roz did not fit in with her other cats. Welcome home, Roz.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media.