The All-Star Break game for baseball means something. It decides who will have the advantage during the World Series, in the ball park series anyway. This year goes to the American League. I remember feeling that wasn't necessary, but I have come to like it. The game last night, from what I watched, was a pitchers dual.

Well, Zack Grienke had a hiccup that was good for the American League. The first batter Mike Trout of the Angels hit a home run, which hasn't been done in many years. He was the MVP.

I heard and read about Minnesota's Brian Dozier hitting his home run ... sweet. And he almost did not get in. Glen Perkins did a good job too.

The Home Run Derby was a little different this year, too. They have changed it a few times. Each player had a set time and somehow received another thirty seconds. I did not quite catch all the rules. It went faster instead of the 10 outs and so on. It was basically home run after home run. Each player that was in it seemed to hit around a dozen. They were able to call for one time out, because it is hard to hit home run after home run.

I have heard that some players have a hard time after being in the Home Run Derby but I am glad they still have it. It was cool that the home town player - Todd Frazier of the Reds - won.

My husband and I enjoyed the pregame too. They recognized four players from each team. There were a couple of Montreal Expos in with the Nationals. The first pitch was thrown by Sandy Koufax and caught by Johnny Bench.

To tell the truth, I thought they switched parks from American League to National League when they played the All-Star game, but I guess they don't. Next year it is in San Diego.

Twins start a series in Oakland on Friday, so they are going to be late games. Go Twins!

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.