What do you take notice of in this big world that we live in? Sometimes it's the small things, or maybe depending on what is noticed, a big thing, like a big bird -- yellow or not. I like to notice that stuff, they don't take up very much room. Wow that only took a dozen ways to write to figure out how to put it that would make sense to more than just me.

I'll start easy, with a couple of birds. My husband pointed out a cardinal in a bare tree the other day. It was a little difficult at first but then it is a splash of red in a lot of brown branches. It was there. Then a couple of nights ago as I was driving home I noticed at the corner of my eye a big brown wing span of a bird as it was taking off. After it registered, I thought that was cool and how did I notice that? Dark and brown wings, hmm.

Next. Roy explained sudoku to me a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. My husband bought me an electronic game of sudoku. I even made a sudoku quilt. Back to the idea at hand. Well, if you know sudoku, usually the numbers are all jumbled up in a line -- 183479256. I just happened to be working on a puzzle that right down the middle of the puzzle the numbers were in order 1-9. Pretty cool.

Then on back-to-back days I went to the same gas station, once with my husband's vehicle, then with mine. The receipt for both days was exactly the same. The amount stuck with me too: $14.67. I mean it's cool when it is the exact amount. But the exact same amount two days in a row and I bought different things besides gasoline.

On a different note, it sure is nice gas prices are less than $2. I noticed it's going up but at least it is not $4.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.