Today, June 15, is Nature Photography Day. It took us a while, but we bought a digital camera. It sure is cool. I can take four or five pictures of one thing and delete two or three. I tend to take a picture and then move over a little, or maybe over the item would be cool, from below might work, or back a little. Then when nature won't stand still or fly closer because they are camera shy, well, that just makes it harder and makes you learn to like the picture. Hopefully you can remember why you took the picture because it sort of blends together.

This may help with nature pictures. It is National Rose Month. There are enough roses for each day of the month.

Watch for motorcycles today and every day. It is Ride to Work (motorcycle) Day.

This is a good month. Fudge Day is on the 16th. Yummy! That is followed by Eat Your Vegetables Day.

Hooray! Recess at Work Day on the third Thursday, with World Sauntering Day following. I guess so we can ease back into work.

It seems that pictures is the theme for June. National Selfie Day is the 21st, that is so you can practice for Runner's Selfie Day on the 23rd. That will be a challenge.

June is the month for National Safety, Camping and Bathroom Reading.

This put a smile on my face. The week with the 12th (yes, the 12th) is National Automotive Service Professionals Week. I'm a little late. Thanks, mechanics.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

Originally from my grandparents, a wild rose on my brothers place. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media.