George the kitty cat has a theory: If you have a tail, flip it. And that he does, it is rare that his tail is not moving.

Someone told me that if your cat is sitting facing away from you and you say their name, they acknowledge you by giving their tail a little extra flip. They may not look at you but they heard you.

Of course, I had to put this to the challenge. At the time, our cat was Mick. He did flip his tail as he was looking out the window. I put the challenge by calling him Frank, Sam, Joe and no response.When I said "Mick," there was a extra big flip. So now with George I do every so often say a different name and he just looks out the window with a little flip. But say George and one big flip. It's pretty cute.

Zeke does not move his tail much, but he knows his name. He makes great eye contact.

Well, Zeke found a new toy and it just so happens to be George's flipping tail. Once in a while I catch Zeke trying to get George's tail. Sometimes I wonder whether he is teasing Zeke. But when he has had enough, which does not take long with teeth involved, George just moves. Smart.

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