I am a Scorpio and basically a romantic. At least that's what I thought until I read about Scorpios, they're kind of scary. I think I'm going to stick to my version. So, for Valentine's Day, well, it's pretty simple, buy candy on Feb. 15.

Here are some other ways to show that special someone you care:

  • Write a "Thinking of You" note and put it where they will find it later in the day.
  • Take care of a dreaded task without being asked, or help by taking away distractions.
  • Look for free, or low-cost, concerts or community events.
  • Make a playlist or CD, mixing new and older songs that they like.
  • Or in my case, one of those days I have to be nice to my husband, less of a smart-aleck, that is.

And how do other countries celebrate Valentine's Day?

  • In Brazil, June 12 is Day of the Enamored, celebrated with chocolates, parades and festivities.
  • In Denmark, couples give each other hearts made from flowers and cake, among other things. And men anonymously leave women "joking cards"; if she guesses correctly who wrote it, she receives an Easter egg on Easter.
  • In Japan, women present chocolate to male co-workers and loved ones, then one month later on White Day, the men will present gifts to the women who gave him chocolate on Valentine's Day.
  • Sweden celebrates Valentine's Day much like we do. In fact, in 1960 the holiday was popularized by the Swedish flower industry, yep, for commercial reasons. Wow, it caught on.

So, maybe a little help, a little history and a little knowledge all wrapped together.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

The Sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.