Labor Day is always the first Monday in September, that means the date changes. Labor Day is for all of us and is a time to relax, barbecue, watch or play baseball and gather with family and friends. Or maybe you will end up working. Labor Day is a holiday that changes dates each year but it is always at the beginning of the month, of course.

In September, Bring Your Manners to Work Day is on the first Friday. So this year that's Sept. 4.

The Saturday before Labor Day is busy. Bacon Day and Franchise Appreciation Day -- shopping. The day after Labor Day is Another Look Unlimited Day; I'm not sure what that is.

The second Friday in September is Banana Day. You could make something with bananas, like bread or cream pie, or just eat a banana. Maybe go bananas if it is one of those days.

Sept. 11 is a day for all, Patriot Day and Remember Freedom Day. (A moment of silence.)

The second Saturday is also really busy and noisy. National Hollerin' Day, I suppose a contest is called for here. It's also Farmers Consumer Day; thank you, farmers. And it's International Drive Your Studebaker Day. That one rules me out.

Those are just a few days that are not set in stone, or writing. I guess they like change, nice. By the way, it is also goes for the weeks.

The first week is National Waffle Week, which this year is Sept. 6-12. Maybe try a different topping each day. Popcorn Days is the first weekend after Labor Day. That would be Sept. 10-12. This year Sept. 14-19 is Line Dancing Week.

I would also like to point out, now that I have a title of "Author," that it is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. That is not the only thing though. This month also is:

  • Happy Cat
  • International People Skills
  • Library Card Sign-Up
  • National Coupon
  • National Honey

September also likes to mix up the music style with National Piano Month and International Square Dancing Month.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.