Friday is April Fool's Day. I found one reason for the day is when they moved the new year in 1564 from the end of March to the beginning of January, the French would stick a fish to the back of those that celebrated the new year March 25 to April 1 and were called "Poisson 'd Avril" and that translate to April Fish, which the French think of April Fools.

I asked for and looked up some harmless and fun pranks.

My husband and I went to his brother's school for a band concert and in the corner of the entryway in an open corridor, the janitors sealed in a $5 bill in the floor. I did not try to pick it up, it was a little too shiny to be just lying there. I thought it was cool.

At one place I worked, a co-worker would move stuff around and it did not matter what day it was.

Loren Hart had quite a prank pulled on him in the '70s. The news girl wore a trench coat to work. When it was Loren's turn to read the weather, she stood up and opened her coat.  She was wearing a swim suit. Loren said that he quickly read the weather.

Sales exec John Connor has pulled a couple of jokes on me, not necessarily on April Fool's Day. He has shut off the monitor speakers before I could listen to the production. I thought there was something wrong, but no, it was just John. When I first started at KRFO, John was recording Medford football games to rebroadcast on Saturday. He called in once and asked, "How are we sounding?" I fell for it and said, "Fine." He chuckles.

Roy Koenig's kids reset his iPad to a different language one April Fool's day.

Stuff socks into shoes, so that it seems their feet grew overnight. Especially funny for anyone. Or stick plastic forks in a friend's yard. Of course, you should help take them out and just think, you're helping their yard.

Turn their computer screen upside down. Be aware it turns everything. Just right click on the screen and there will be an option, maybe.

I thought this was good. Have a can of peanut brittle or any snack and offer to others. Of course they will think a snake will pop out and say no way. Then you open it up and starting eating. Yummy.

Have a fun day.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.