As I have mentioned, my mind tends to wander. Yesterday, I was thinking about white snow, and that thought went to how could there be so many shades of white. Then later in the day, how could there be so many shades of black.

Now shades of green, that makes some sense: Crocodile, Pickle, Juniper, Parakeet.

Different shades of purple: Izmir, Awsome Violet (yep, spelled that way), Plum Crazy, Winter Blackberry.

Blue, also lots of shades: Grandma, Too Blue, Starry Night, Pigeon.

But shades of white: Powder, Feather, Breeze, Daisy Rice. Some just looked beige or like lighter versions of other colors.

Then shades of black: Night Horizon, Onyx, some looked gray. To top it all off in the shades of black, Genesis White.

It doesn't make picking a color fun. One could spend hours at a store just staring at the colors and then changing your mind lots and lots of times. Just a hint, go with the first choice.

My mom has color on her walls now, but growing up it was white walls except the kitchen, which we painted a few times. And my room was purple. Poor mom had to pick the color but I had fun painting.

And then the other question, how did "they" come up with all the different shades and names for those colors?

The sun is shining above... Think Happy Thoughts.